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How do I change my profile picture?
Posted by Laura R on 30 March 2016 11:54 PM

Once you have uploaded a profile picture, you may change it, but you will not be able to delete it and leave the picture area blank. To update your profile picture, click on your photo located at the top right of the site, or hover over it and click on My Profile in the dropdown menu. This will open a new window where you can manage your My World profile and all your My World posts. Click on Update Profile Picture, located underneath your current photo, and upload a new picture or choose from among the pictures you've already uploaded.

In a group, you may also change your profile and avatar to be unique to that group, though you cannot change your profile for multiple groups at once. If you choose to leave your profile and profile picture as it is, it will continue to appear the same as your My World profile. Open your group-specific profile by clicking on your large photo on the far right, above the chat area, select Customize profile for this group under your current photo, and follow the same directions given above.

Be sure to click Save when you've made the desired changes, and you're done!

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